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Admin / Nov 27, 2016
Due to a very large percentage of members moving on, the guild members that want will be transitioning to a new guild within the next month in order to preserve the Town Square and Stone Springs. Questions, ask Dacks or Aleutiana via in-game mail.

Update: A new Guild has been created called <Stone Springs>. For now, this Guild is open for those who wish to move from SD for a fresh start to support the continuation of the town of Stone Springs, or if you just want a place to hang out. <Slaughtered Donkey> will be held open for a while so everyone has time to spend their prestige and make a choice. Whether you stay, or move on, the remaining caretakers of Stone Springs wish you all the best and a bright future as we transition from the old to the new, and into Revelations.

For more Guild information or an invite, please contact Aleutiana / Andies in game.