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Vrekka / Feb 29, 2016

The Dunwich Estate had perched on the cliff next to the Trosk River for seven decades. It was a familiar sight to those of Riverspan and Bear Mountain.

Three weeks ago, a violent late winter storm, full of torrential rain and lashing wind, broke the back of the chalet, partially collapsing the building. The owner (but not resident) of Dunwich, Lord Vrekka Datann, surveyed the damage and decided it was repairable. Carpenters from Riverspan were contracted to begin repairs the following week.

However, a fire broke that night, scorching the remains. Lord Datann decreed the chalet to be unsalvagable and cleared away the debris.

Construction tarps went up the next day, and Lord Datann was spotted in the village with a large crate with the stamp of the Daru. A few short days later, a massive oak tree soon rose above the banks of the Trosk. Craftsmen from Riverspan and residents of Stone Springs lent their skills and soon a breezy treehouse graced the oak, its roots surrounded by a stone wall and lush garden.

This new estate, the Datann Estate, speaks of the very interesting leadership for the village of Stone Springs.

Selaesori / Dec 03, 2015
When a half-harani half-malikan businessman opened the Slaughtered Donkey tavern in Lilyut Hills, nobody seemed to mind. When the business began to expand into a town, the Duke of Ronbann took notice. Fortunately, with some money changing hands, he was perfectly happy to look the other way.

However, the town kept growing. The Duke of Ronbann was pressured to take action, and no amount of money could hide the fact that an easterner, and his elven business partner, was gaining political and economic influence in the area.

Yesterday, Selaesori and Cerrin received a letter that the Duke of Ronbann would be placing a lesser lord in charge of their lands. They could still conduct business, but at the behest of the nobility.

Acting quickly, Selaesori and Cerrin put a plan in motion. They suggested to the Duke of Ronbann that if he were to give the land to a noble of their choosing, that money could continue to exchange hands.

Much to everyone's surprise, documentation appeared from the clerk in Riverspan that the village Chef, Vrekka Datann, had a distant relative of noble blood. The Duke of Ronbann, without thorough consideration, found him to be a suitable candidate.

And so the village was saved by Lord Vrekka Datann, the new sovereign noble of Stone Springs.
Selaesori / Oct 14, 2015

Hallowtide is coming soon, and with it, a focus on our guild story and the dark history of the town of Stone Springs.

Tuesday, October 20th: Mystery at the Mansion
In-Game RP @ Dunwich House
Selaesori and Binkanarios invite employees and their dates to dinner and a murder.

Saturday, October 31st: Haunted & Hallowed
Takes place ICly overnight on October 31st.
Anyone staying in Stone Springs or nearby will be awoken by a disturbance where the past comes back to haunt them. Who or what caused it?
Follow the RP here.

Sunday, November 1st: Honoring the Dead
In-Game RP @ Stone Springs
A resolution to the previous night's events.

Selaesori / Oct 05, 2015
Pleased to announce two new leaders to our Council of Donkeys, Bink’ana’rios and Cerrin Corvus. Both have proven histories as leaders in the AA-RP community and we’re proud to have them on board within our local guild community.

Bink’ana’rios will take over where Roa left off overseeing the guild’s hospitality efforts. This will include welcoming guests, overseeing service staff, and ensuring events run smoothly. Bink’ana’rios is currently an AA-RP community moderator and a former co-GM of the Aethenaeum Guild as well as former Headmaster of the IRON Bard’s College. Outside of Archeage, he continues to run a successful community roleplay module within Second Life. Bink’ana’rios will assume his IC responsibilities immediately, covering for Selae in his absense during the upcoming Moonshine Festival.

Cerrin Corvus will fill a similar role as Camroth had filled, maintaining the guild’s business operations. This will include fostering trade events, overseeing human resources, and maintaining a private guild bank for key resources (more info to come). Cerrin is the former Commerce Officer for Eternus where he lead regular, successful multi-merchant ship trade runs and maintained their treasury. He is also owner of Corvus Crafts. Cerrin will ease into his IC role as roleplay permits, but will be assuming OOC responsibilities immediately.

Please join me in welcoming these two to their new roles!
Selaesori / Sep 21, 2015
We've seen a lot of growth with patch 2.0. We've seen a lot of new members already, with many applications yet to be processed. We want to make sure everyone feels at home in our guild and in Stone Springs. If you haven't done so yet, here's a checklist of things to start getting involved!

Getting Started
  • Introduce yourself on our forums
  • Join We are a community focused guild and a supporter of AA-RP.
  • Join our Skype group to connect with your fellow guild members even when they aren't online. Anyone currently in the chat can add you.
  • Looking for a job or an in-character connection to our village? Read through our venues on our about page for ideas and contact Selaesori about the position in character.
  • Create a character profile on AA-RP and cross post it on our forums.

Finding Roleplay
  • We recommend idling in our garden square if you are looking for pickup RP. Announcing that you are LFRP in Skype is an excellent idea as well.
  • Our weekly RP event, Happy Hour, is every Wednesday. Being a community focused guild, we follow the community calendar and recommend supporting other guild events throughout the week.
  • Our letters forum is a another great way to keep in touch.

Other Ways to Get Involved
  • Want to open a shop on the cliff? We have cottages available. Ping Selaesori with your business proposal and we'll work with you on helping you set things up.
  • While we are a RP focused guild, we cooperate with other guilds who PVP/PVE. If you are interested, let an officer know and we'll point you in the right direction and help form a group.
  • Need help running packs? We have well equipped merchant ships and cutters in the guild as well as convenient staging plots. Again, let an officer know!

Moonshine Festival

This event is co-organized by Eternus and Slaughtered Donkey. The intent is to bring together the RP community for some fun and games celebrating the new patch and new players.

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